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CDM Sound Studios has three of the best voiceover rooms in the city. Large, comfortable and dead-quiet. Whether you’re recording a single person voiceover or a multi-actor performance, you’re guaranteed to leave with a finished product as clean and quiet as those of the largest, most expensive studios in New York. The difference: a more intimate and interactive experience at a fraction of the price.


We work almost daily with the two largest companies in Audiotours: Acoustiguide and Antenna. Between the two of them we have recorded for just about every major institution in the US, and some abroad. Audiotour voiceover, like audiobook recording, requires great care in monitoring levels and presence, since they are most often listened to on headphones. Every detail counts.


A great studio knows how to capture audio for both the highest fidelity mediums and the lowest. We have been on the cutting edge of internet audio since the late 90s. We also appreciate budget restrictions with regards to Radio and podcasts. Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s The Thing” is a regular here, as well as Rooftop’s upcoming, “Hold On” with Eugene Mirman.


Radio and TV commercials have changed dramatically over the years. We’ve stayed right along side them to accomodate. The NYC Department of Health ran its controversial “Quit Smoking” ad which it revoiced from the original Australian in our studios. We’ve mixed and mastered countless radio and TV ads over the years and we invite you to listen to our samples.

Glenn Close

Sample: Glenn Close

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