CDM Studios Services

Sound Design

Grammy Award winning Sound Design and music composition. Bring your production to life from our effects library of over 60,000 sound elements. Add original music and stings by Eric Willhelm, our in-house composer.

Dialogue Editing

We’ll pour through your edits and clean up all the transitions, conform room tones, and make your project contiguous sounding from beginning to end.

Restoration / Cleanup

There’s no turning away from digital. But if you’re like many of us, you probably have a few of your favorite vinyls still lying around, or some reel-to-reels and DATs you want to archive.

CDM Studios offers some of the most sophisticated remastering tools available to not only digitize your source material, but also to clean up and polish those old masters.


We offer an array of DAWs to choose from: Pro Tools 9,10,11 and Reaper, and Vegas Pro 12. Come mix on our Blue Sky monitors. And in our control rooms, you can hear a pin drop. We love hearing all the elements of a project come together.


You need reliability when it comes to entrusting someone to finish your project. You need to know it’s going to sound the way it should to your audience. We ensure that every day. We supply CDs, DDPs, mp3s, and multichannel wav files to our clients via FTP, Dropbox, Wetransfer, or our own password protected web delivery service.

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Video Sample: Between Baranovsky’s

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