CDM Studios Services
The best possible match to your original location sound using both lavalier and shotgun mics, as well as an assortment of professional voiceover mics for non-sync narration. Our vocal booth can accommodate multiple actors and has a large LCD TV for precise synchronization.We also specialize in:


An ideal setting for voicing your Narrative or Documentary projects. Edward Herrmann, Gabriel Byrne, and Samuel L. Jackson are but a few of the wonderful narrators we’ve had in our studio.


Our A and B rooms are comfortable, and beautiful sounding, with large LCD TVs for reference or synchronization.

Video Games

We know what it takes to record voiceover for a video game. Headroom. And more headroom. And finesse. And concentration. And attention to detail. We excel under pressure. Come play with us!

Mammoth clip

Sample: Michelle Williams

“Mammoth” (2009)

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