About CDM Studios

Tucker Dalton

Caitlin CunninghamTucker is an enthusiastic Sound Engineer and audio-book director. Having edited, directed or produced hundreds of audiobooks Tucker is very happy to take on a more dynamic and multi-faceted administrative role at CDM. As a sound engineer Tucker has had the privilege of working with some of the most renowned hip hop and rock and roll artists of our time (Mos Def, Nellie McKay, KRS-One, Lou Reed, Good Charlotte etc.). In the audiobook world Tucker has helped make several award winning fiction, non-fiction, memoir and biographies (Miles (autobiography of Miles Davis), Turn of the Screw (Henry James – as a part of ‘HP lovecrafts favorite horror)). While music seduced him into the audio world, audio-books and spoken word continue to fulfill and sustain.

Ethan Donaldson

Ethan DonaldsonEthan Donaldson began his professional recording career in 1997 when he started splicing tape with razor blades, aligning tape decks and syncing machines with SMPTE and blackburst at a fancy pants 48 track analog recording studio in Carlisle, Mass. After moving to NYC in 2000, he worked as an engineer at Sear Sound, renowned for its impressive 260+ microphone collection and internationally famous clientele.

As a freelancer he went on to produce, engineer and mix records by local rock and world music artists – The Heroin Sheiks, Vampire Weekend and Akron/Family being among the best known. In 2006 he began lending his ears and expertise to spoken word; recording and mixing news features for WNYC, voiceover for commercials, web sites, podcasts, museum installations, and several award winning audiobooks.


Allen Towbin

Allen TowbinIt might be easier to tell you what Allen Towbin hasn’t done… But the list of what he has done includes: recording hundreds of audiobooks, tracking dialogue for Adult Swim cartoons, producing and mixing radio spots, composing original music for over 250 TV commercials, providing music libraries for NBC shows and websites, scoring full length feature films, producing/engineering albums with top NYC music talent, and just about everything else in the audio and music realm. He brings 17 years of the highest quality professional audio production experience to every project he’s a part of.

When not engaged in such enterprises, he can be found playing guitar solos or teaching his 5 year old son how to be awesome.


Tyler Whitlatch

Tyler WhitlatchTyler Whitlatch studied Electrical Engineering and Music Production at the University of Arizona, obtaining his BA in EE and supplementing that with recording studio internships and various independent projects as a touring musician in the Southwest.

After graduating in 2009, he moved to New York and began composing, producing and mixing music for clients as diverse as FuseTV, The Art Institutes, OPI and NBC, leading him to open his own music production company in early 2012.

After recording voiceover auditions for a few friends, Tyler decided it was an avenue of the industry he wanted to become more involved in, and was lucky enough to join the CDM team in October 2012.


Raasa Leela de Montebello

Raasa Leela de MontebelloRaasa Leela de Montebello is an award winning film maker, actress, and mother of two beautiful boys. She started acting as a child and moved behind the lens in her mid-20s. She has a BFA from the University of the Arts in theater, and attended the graduate film school at NYU for directing. She has been a freelance editor and film maker for CDM for over 10 years and continues to make films, run artist retreats, teach sustainable living, and tackle New York as a full-time Mom.