About CDM Studios

Charles de MontebelloHi, I’m Charles de Montebello, a native New Yorker with over 25 years of sound engineering experience.

I’ve always found the most success comes from a good personal experience – being able to work in an environment that feels comfortable and inspiring – so when I opened CDM Studios in 1998, I knew I was filling a void.

Not that there weren’t a lot of recording studios in New York, but there weren’t a lot of studios you could go to that didn’t feel like studios – that didn’t have the old stench of grunge, stereotypical black leather and dark mood lighting.

I wanted my clients to  feel at ease in their environment; my studio was going to be ahead of its time.

It was and still is.

We carry this tradition into the new millennium.

The result is that clients and talent are unencumbered and feel freer to work and perform in a warm environment, knowing their project will be done on time, within budget and with a few shared laughs.

Because one of my first loves is music (as a young teen, I would sneak into my brother’s room to learn to play his drum set) I eventually expanded my studio to accommodate more film and TV ADR work, something I felt I was perfectly suited for.

Because ADR is all about music – the music of speech and mimicry.

In the 8 years since that expansion, I have won 2 Grammy awards, been nominated for and won several Audie awards and have worked with the most famous and talented names in the industry.

But no job is ever too small.

From recording and producing voiceover demos, to digitizing all of the video footage from the September 11th attacks for the National September 11 Memorial Museum, to recording ADR with actors such as Natalie Portman, I love what I do and love sharing my space with the likeminded to give their work the attention it deserves.

If you would like to work with us, you can take a look at our Service page, contact us for a quote and sign up for our mailing list.